Ray Paul’s career has seen him work for the BBC for over 20 years before founding his company, THE PLAYMAKER GROUP.

While at the BBC, he worked for a number of radio stations, most notably running BBC London from 1997-2001. In 2001 he was asked to be part of the initial set up team that started a new digital radio station, 1Xtra. He held the position of Executive Producer of Specialist Music & Live Events for 7 years before moving to BBC Radio 1 and being Head of Weekends in 2009. Winning numerous awards and pioneering many special projects and events, Ray Paul’s name has taken on legendary status within broadcasting and black music circles.

In 2010 he founded THE PLAYMAKER GROUP – a uniquely creative company that oversees a host of key areas in music and entertainment under one umbrella. These areas include Media and Content Production, Event Production & Management, Tour Management and Creative Consultancy.

Explain Your Item

Signed Dennis Bergkamp Arsenal shirt.

Why Is It Special?

He is the best player I have ever seen live, and the company is named after him – a true artist at work.

How would I describe myself in a sentence?

Focused, someone who tries to help others and someone who always wants to win.

Favourite artist

Damian Marley – Lyrically, spiritually and as a person – an all round top man.

Best THE PLAYMAKER GROUP moment to date

The next thing we do – it’s always getting better.

One thing you wouldn’t know about me

I am also a football coach