The PMG are proud to announce that we are working alongside the UK’s 2021 City of Culture, Coventry to produce a celebration of Coventry’s rich cultural links to its twin city of Kingston, Jamaica, and the unique influence Sound System culture has had on Coventry and the wider UK’s music landscape.

Championing Coventry’s Sound Systems and their contribution to the cities musical landscape was the brainchild of Colin Bell, a local producer, promoter and Chair of the Coventry West Indian Centre, with a passion for sound system culture and a desire to highlight not only Coventry’s relationship to Kingston but also the cultural contributions of the wider Caribbean community to the city.

Inspired by his passion, Coventry UK City of Culture are co creating this project with Colin Bell as creative lead, and with support from The Playmaker Group, this project promises Coventry audiences a unique experience of some of the best local sounds combined with international flare. 

Look out for more info prior to the event which happens in October.

Find out more here www.coventry2021.co.uk


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