The Playmaker Group (PMG) linked up with the good folks at Levi’s to design and deliver the Levi’s Music Project over the past 6 months with UK artist Loyle Carner and Warner Music.

From November 2018 til May 2019, Levi’s established a community music space in the heart of Anfield, Liverpool. This is a long term space that will provide access to music for young people and inspire the next generation. Over the 6 months PMG, Loyle Carner, a team of industry experts and diverse creatives worked with the group of 13 young musicians in all elements of being an artist in today’s world. They created and collaborated on original material for their debut festival performance at Sound City.

This documentary tells the full story of how the project unfolded as they prepared for their supporting slot at Sound City, and how one of the biggest and critically acclaimed artists mentored and inspired 13 young musicians.



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