The Playmaker Group took to the fields of Devon this past weekend to stage manage at the incredible Beautiful Days Festival.

The sold out festival which is put on by folk rock band The Levellers is an independent family oriented music festival which prides itself on operating without sponsorships, branding and major advertising. This year was headlined by Skunk Anansie, Ziggy Marley and The Levellers themselves.

We stage managed our favourite ‘The Little Big Top’ which seemingly was full to the brim each day with the likes of Craig Charles, Krafty Kutz & Chali 2na and Barry Ashworth all putting on stellar performances.

We can’t recommend Beautiful Days Festival enough, from the music and arts to the installations, healing fields and play areas for the children. The vibe and tone of the festival is a joy to be a part of and we can’t wait to be back there next year. Big up to Biff Mitchell, Paul Giblin, Trevor Chappell, Zoe “The Actual Boss” and the whole team.


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