It’s only been a few weeks since Julian Marley released ‘As I Am’, but the impact has been felt far and wide. It entered the Reggae Chart at no1 and has seen support from radio stations and streaming sites all over the globe. The project, which follows his Grammy nominated previous album ‘Awake’, was produced by Julian along with brothers Stephen and Damian Marley at their respective Lions Den and Uncle Ds studios in Miami, the album features Beenie Man, Shaggy and Spragga Benz.

We’ve been working closely with Team Julian Marley over the past weeks – making sure the music is getting to the right people and platforms – so we thought it may be good we catch up with the man himself to find out more about the project and how he is responding to such positive feedback.

PMG: It’s been a minute since ‘Awake’, why now for a new project?

JM: Well for me, music is love and I love music and I was born with music – it’s in my blood, my DNA! So it’s just a matter of time and it’s been a long time. Since the last album to this album we have been writing, recording and performing – never stopped performing – so it’s just one of those things taking a little time and here we are. No more long time in between.

PMG: So how does ‘As I Am’ build on what we know about Julian Marley the artist?

JM: ‘As I Am’ is as I am; so it builds very naturally because the music and inspiration is coming straight from how I feel – my expression on that day for whatever song was written – showing who I am, the type of music I love to make, the music that is my inspiration and bringing messages to the people. 

PMG: Entering the charts as the nO1 Reggae album must be satisfying. Outside of that how do you feel the album has been received?

JM: I have been giving good responses so far for the album. It’s about doing the best you can and putting love into the music and that’s what we did and do everyday we make music. So it’s a great feeling and warm reception that we get from the fans and everyone around.

PMG: What’s the next step in the campaign?

JM: We will just keep pushing the music. We have quite a few videos out – ‘Hey Jack’ is out now. The new single. So expect more music – more promotion – and more taking the music to the furthest points of earth.

Julian Marley ‘As I Am’ Out Now –


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