Alongside Brighter Sounds, Both Sides Now and LIMF, The Playmaker Group recently held ‘In Our Lane’, an event to encourage more females to take up the art of DJ’ing and how the business side of it all works.

Hosted by DJ Melody Kane, the event which was held in Liverpool showcased how fellow female DJ’s got into the art of DJ’ing and there career so far. Sitting on the panel was Breakwave (Meine Nacht), Nina Franklin (Melodic Distraction) and Sarah Giggle (Unity FM) who are all making waves right now in the North West.

The panel discussed how being a female has affected there journey so far and any other struggles they’ve had to overcome. Dave McTague (Mellowtone) also sat on the panel to give guidance as an event booker on his experience with booking female DJ’s, how they can push for more gigs and the gender imbalance in events.

An In-conversation was next up between Melody Kane and BBC Radio 1‘s Tiffany Calver, one of the leaders right now in the female DJ world. Tiffany spoke on her early days of DJ’ing and how she ended up on the biggest radio station in the UK. She also spoke on how females are being represented, how things can be changed for the better and how she ended up working with Drake.

The night was ended off with a demonstration by Melody Kane to budding DJ’s in attendance on the basics of DJ’ing and how to mix properly.

The Playmaker Group will continue to encourage more females to get involved with DJ’ing and hope to do similar events across the UK in the near future.