Have you picked up this week’s ‘The Voice’ Newspaper? If so then you would have seen the THREE articles THE PLAYMAKER GROUP have published.

Firstly, February means one things in Jamiaca…Reggae Month! So BBC 1Xtra DJ and Grammy winning Producer Seani B had to be involved. From the legendary artists to the rising stars, Seani B discusses all in his weekly BrukOut column including his trip out to the Caribbean island. You can read the article online here  

The second feature stays on the topic of a Caribbean island, but one not necessarily renowned for It’s music. PMG’s Nick Mathius discusses St Lucia’s vibrant music scene with the likes of Reggae and Soca being the heartbeat of the people. You can read the article online here 

The third article ‘Introducing’ is by PMG’s Debbie Gayle and is something that will feature every other week in the Life & Style section. Kicking things off is ‘Introducing’ Sub Blue! One of Liverpool’s rising stars, Sub Blue tells us his story so far from being a suburban kid and the lifestyle that brings, to his forthcoming EP ‘Wilfully Blind’. You can listen to his brand new single ‘Russian Roulette’ here 

The Voice is the only British national black weekly paper and It’s a pleasure we can be involved in a big way. #Playmakers