All week we have been reflecting on the PMG year through the eyes of the team.

Today it is Ray’s turn.

“2017 has proved to be The PMG’s most creative year to date and there has been many highlights that we have individually and collectively experienced.

The growth and development of the team has been a source of great pleasure for us, seeing the likes of Nick, Debbie and Liam continue positively on their journeys.

Yaw’s excellent programming and management of LIMF
, plus the amazing Welcome to Jamrock Cruise and our pursuit in positively spread the message of striving for excellence.

However my highlight of 2017 is something that I will dearly miss in 2018. The Glastonbury Festival is a definite one of a kind, and we have been welcomed as part of the family over the last few years. Working with some of the key team (Malcolm, Lou, Biff, Trevor, Teresa, Caro & Pauline amongst others) in our role as stage management and crew is an absolute pleasure and something we look forward to on an annual basis. 2018 is a fallow year, so the event doesn’t take place until 2019.

This year’s was even more special for us, as our sister brand – BrukOut – hosted the Gully stage on Sunday with special guest Shaggy. To see the fruits of our hard work come together in that way is something I will not forget in a long time.

Roll on 2019!


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