Ray Paul talks Bass 2018 – 50 Years of Reggae!

Bass Festival is back with a bang in 2018 and it’s all happening throughout the month of October! After celebrating all things Africa last year the spotlight is now on 50 years of Reggae, and there’s a lot going on!!

“REGGAE  50  will  celebrate  the  Golden  anniversary  of  the  genre,  with  a  focus  on  the  impact  it  has  had  on  music,  popular  culture  and  the  world  at  large” – Bass Festival

Ahead of the month long celebrations where the likes of Freddie McGregor, Toots & The Maytals and more will be on show – we spoke to The Playmaker Group’s own Ray Paul who’s a part of the Bass Festival team to find out more on Reggae 50.

Q: Bass 2018 is celebrating 50 years of Reggae, how important is it to recognise the past, present and future of Reggae? 

RP: I think it is massively important to celebrate and recognise the huge contribution Reggae has given the world musically and culturally. The impact of the genre can not be understated and that is one of the reasons we chose it as a subject.  
Q: Is the current state of Reggae in a healthy place right now? Who are the artists we should be looking out for?
RP: Reggae is forever reinventing itself against the odds and there is a lot to look forward to. In a playing field that is so numbers driven now it can be great to work with music that evoke a passion, fire and excitement in your soul. 
As always there is loads to look forward to both here and in JA. New projects from veterans like Beres Hammond, an amazing album from Agent Sasco and new music from the U.K. with people like the Shellington High Road crew from the U.K. 
Q: There’s so much activity happening over the course of the month from free exhibitions to live gigs with some major names, there’s no excuses to not get involved is there? 
RP: Absolutely none at all! The range we have curated has attempted to cover as many angles as possibles, from art to conversation, live music to workshops. Shout out to Molly Adkins who has worked tirelessly with me putting it all together. 
Q:What are YOU most looking forward to during the month? 
RP: Personally I will Be tour managing a legend, Freddie McGregor, who is someone I listened to as a child and now working with him will be great. 
Q: What legacy are you hoping Bass leaves when it’s all set and done? 
RP:I hope we can open the history up to those who don’t know, do proud by the people who do know, and have some fun on the way. 
For all info and events for Bass 2018 visit punchbass.com


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