XamVolo drops his debut album

‘All The Sweetness on the Surface’, the debut album from XamVolo is out now!

Channelling an eclectic mix of old-school soul and jazz, while radiating a chilled, contemporary electronic vibe, Xam has been hailed as “the future” by long-time fan MistaJam, and credited by DJ, label-owner and broadcaster Gilles Peterson with making a whole genre relevant again. “Jazz, but not like anything you have heard before,” he says.

A powerful and emotive collection of song writing mastery ‘All The Sweetness on the Surface’ is an inventive concept album and a testament to XamVolo’s cinematic method of creating worlds within his music, it tells a neo-noir story of a young girl who finds herself confronted with a hive containing a black honey substance that can grant her every desire.

Standout tracks “Sins of a Soldier” and “Gold Again” capture this dualism perfectly. “Sins of a Soldier” captures the protagonist spiralling into a self-destructive sea of delusion. “If I hit the button now, only I know how it ends,” sings XamVolo, hinting at a personal apocalypse over a soundtrack of dark, sci-fi funk. The song came together during sessions with heavyweight producers AV and Paul Phamous (Frank Ocean). On the flip side, “Gold Again”, written and produced by Xam, finds his character coming out of the other side of their black honey experience. It’s a slow and enchanting pop song, that makes you feel like your head has floated into the skies. “It summarises everything about desire and how deep rooted it is in human nature,” says XamVolo. “We all want and need things. Finally sober, the character is nostalgic; they remember a time when everything was golden.”

We’re very proud to stand next to XamVolo on this album, it’s a visionary piece of work and a truly incredible album. Listen to  ‘All The Sweetness on the Surface’ here